What are we not seeing? Love Island's Liam is actually a howl 1 year ago

What are we not seeing? Love Island's Liam is actually a howl

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Love Island's Liam has been pretty standard the entire time he's been in the villa.


Very handsome, very non threatening, very not really on screen that often because he doesn't really have a whole lot to say.

That was, until, Millie entered the villa and suddenly, Liam was a hoot. He was flirting, he was cracking jokes, he was throwing shade at the other islanders in a manner that could only be construed as 'banter' - and it's been a joy to watch, truly.

One instance of such an occurrence happened during last night's episode, when the guys were informing Lucinda that Aaron does, in fact, fancy her. Lucinda responded with a rather drawn out: "ReEeEeeaeaeaaElllaAay?" to which Liam repeated her phrasing in a banter-like manner, taking the piss out of her reaction in a jovial sort of way.


"Who is this man?" I gasped, while being subjected to a personality I had never seen before - one that was enjoyable, entertaining, and definitely due more screen time.

It begs the question, what are we not seeing behind the scenes, and is all of Liam's banter and gas-ness being kept from us, and if so, why?


Another, more likely, theory is that Liam simply hadn't felt comfortable enough to be himself until he coupled up with Millie.

Prior to this, Liam had been coupled up with Faye, a relationship that neither party seemed that invested in. It was only when Millie entered the villa alongside Lucinda that Liam truly began to settle - cracking jokes and cracking on.

We love to see it.


Either way, viewers are fairly into this new Liam. More of this, please.