It's official! A Westlife reunion is happening and it's happening very soon 3 years ago

It's official! A Westlife reunion is happening and it's happening very soon


Don't panic.


But Westlife. Are getting. Back together.

Deep breaths for all involved, please.

It's been a long time coming but the lads who make up the iconic, the stunning, the unwaveringly glorious Westlife are getting back together for a reunion - and we're a bit unable for the excitement right now.

There's only one slight problem. Brian McFadden won't be joining them.

According to The Sun, the rest of the lads recently signed a deal with Universal, snubbing Simon Cowell's label, for a reunion tour and probably even a few new tracks while they're at it.

A source told the publication that while there's been whisperings of a reunion for quite some time, it looks like it's finally about to happen... and that Brian "absolutely" won't be included in it.



They said:

“It’s signed, sealed and delivered and it’s definitely happening — and it absolutely does not include Brian McFadden.

“The other guys have been lined up to return to the studio and record some new songs and tour dates have even been organised, so it’s definitely going ahead this time."



Apparently, Cowell was only interested in signing the band if Brian was there too due to the inevitable drama he would bring to the table.

But McFadden seemingly has little interest in any form of Westlife reunion so the lads are going it alone.

Look, they did it before, they can do it again.

And while there's no word as of yet as to when we can expect these tour dates and new hot tracks to drop, we can only hope that it's extremely soon.


In need of some excitement in our lives, you know.