Ovie and Amber could win Love Island as friends if they keep it up 10 months ago

Ovie and Amber could win Love Island as friends if they keep it up

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Ovie is the GOAT.

This we know. It does not need to be explained to us.

He is tall, he is funny, he has the most impressive collection of shirts known to man. 

All you really need to essentially be crowned this year's winner of Love Island. 

Well, that and somebody else to win it with you.

In Ovie's case, we'd be entirely happy if he simply won the crown all by himself, swiped the 50k, and went and had a nice holiday where people respect him.

But apparently that's against the rules, so it looks like we'll have to settle for him and Amber winning instead. As friends.

Yep, it looks like the six foot seven basketball player and the beauty therapist could be the first couple to ever win the show as friends.

Or at least, that's what we're hoping because it would honestly be so lovely (even though it definitely won't happen because the producers will step in long before then but sure look, we can dream, can't we?)

In the short time that Ovie has been in the villa, he and Amber have formed a wholesome bond that simply cannot be matched even by those in actual romantic couples in the villa.

They've laughed. They've cried.

They've been there for each other when Michael was being a dick, when Anna was being indecisive, or when Maura was shocking everybody by mauling Curtis during the dancing challenge.

They probably have more of a connection than most people in there, tbh.

Just a shame it's not romantic.