P.S I Love You is getting a sequel, and frankly our hearts are not ready 1 month ago

P.S I Love You is getting a sequel, and frankly our hearts are not ready

Oh, great news.

Are we still a little shaken from the last time we watched P.S I Love You?

Yes, absolutely, it pulls the heartstrings like no other.

Plus, it happens to be one of our fave romantic movies of all time.

And if you are also a fan, then we have some super exciting news!

We're getting a SEQUEL!

Variety has reported that Alcon Entertainment recently secured the rights to author Cecelia Ahern’s sequel to the book P.S. I Love You, titled Postscript.

Do we have many details? No not at all, but know that it's coming, and that's enough for us.

However, having read the book, I can tell you that Postscript picks up seven years after P.S I Love You.

Holly agrees to tell her story on her sister’s podcast, and a lot happens from that.

Now the big question... will Hilary Swank return to our screens as Holly?

No real word on that yet, but we know she really loved starring in the first film.

At the time, she spoke about why she decided to play Holly.

"For me, after reading the script I was reminded of what life is about. It was a reminder that you just want to hold those ones that you love dear because you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow."

"It’s such a great love story and I think that we can all relate to that—finding love and losing love…. If it’s not through death, even a breakup can sometimes feel like a death. There were many things that I could relate to and a lot of laughter in between."

Petition to get Hilary and Gerard Butler back for a sequel, anyone?