Paddy betrays Chas ahead of worrying baby scan in Emmerdale tonight 1 year ago

Paddy betrays Chas ahead of worrying baby scan in Emmerdale tonight

Not ideal.

Paddy's set to go entirely behind Chas's back tonight and cancel her upcoming baby scan.


The pair have become increasingly worried over recent weeks about Chas's pregnancy, as they draw nearer and nearer to their crucial 20 week appointment.

This comes after the couple said goodbye to their baby daughter last year soon after she was born.

Baby Grace had a rare foetal abnormality which meant that she could not survive outside the womb. Paddy and Chas were informed of this news early in the pregnancy, eventually deciding to continue to the birth so they could meet their daughter.

Awhile after, Chas discovered that she had become pregnant again, and although she is of course delighted by the news, she remains worried that the past will repeat itself.

Tonight, however, Paddy (foolishly) takes the issue into his own hands - and just decides to outright cancel the scan.

Chas, naturally, is furious and demands to know why he has made such a move behind her back.


Paddy explains that he cancelled the appointment because he assumed Chas didn't want to go ahead with it, when in reality, she just wanted to get it over with.

The pair argue about the necessity of attending the scan for a while and eventually decide to rebook themselves in.

It remains unclear whether scan will bring good or bad news, but the family have been through enough recently - surely they've had enough tragedy for one year.

Or maybe not. Who knows?

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