People think this proves Olivia is faking it on Love Island 10 months ago

People think this proves Olivia is faking it on Love Island

What do you reckon?

Last night's Love Island got very emotional at one point. On again off again Chris and Olivia finally became official after she made a huge gesture towards him. Olivia, who is a self-confessed ice queen, opened up to Chris about how much she likes him. She even sat him down and read out a list of 10 reasons why she does.

Then, she asked him to ask her to be his girlfriend.

Bear in mind, this is a complete turn around after only ending it with him days ago. So, with that in mind, fans of the show are calling her bluff and saying that her latest actions prove she is fake and that she's only in it for the £50,000 prize money.

It's all stemming from a game that all of the contestants were playing. The aim was for the guys to guess what their significant others want in life.

When prompted for the answer, Chris said that he thought Olivia wanted marriage and children, which resulted in her laughing and saying that all she really wants is to be rich.

Viewers think that her admission of wanting wealth, and the fact she suddenly wanted to be an official couple proves that she is just playing the game and is faking the romance.


We'll just have to see how it plays out in the next few days.

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