People were left more than shocked at the outcome of tonight's Eastenders 5 years ago

People were left more than shocked at the outcome of tonight's Eastenders

Tonight's episode delivered the devastating blow that was the results of Dean Wicks' trial.

While much of the rape trial happened off camera this week, tonight was when the characters of Albert Square learned that rapist Dean Wicks was acquitted of his crime.


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Despite sexually assaulting both Linda Carter and Roxy Mitchell in the past, Dean was found not guilty of raping his sister-in-law.

Given his past of abuse against women, the verdict of the highly anticipated trial came as a surprise to both his victims and viewers at home, hoping that he would be punished adequately for both his crimes.

People took to Twitter to voice their anger and disappointment that Dean will be allowed to walk free.



Rape Crisis South London, who have worked with Eastenders on this storyline, released a blog after the episode.

"We may be angry and frustrated by the fact that Dean does not get the comeuppance he deserves and be shocked that he has got away with his crimes again...

"We know that he is a rapist and that he is a serial offender, and we can predict that he will continue to perpetrate his crimes against women, wherever he ends up.

"But it is an important reality to face that far too often rapists are not convicted and justice is not realised. This is why additional support, and other ways to have their voices heard, are so crucial for survivors."

"EastEnders shows the strength that women can find in togetherness, in solidarity, but we as a society need to do more. We need to stand alongside survivors. We need to believe.

"We need to recognise the incredible strength and resilience and courage that it takes to break the silence and speak out about sexual violence."