Prince Harry is going to be on Carpool Karaoke soon, apparently 8 months ago

Prince Harry is going to be on Carpool Karaoke soon, apparently

Carpool Karaoke with a Prince!

It's one of our favourite segments on TV, James Corden's Carpool Karaoke. There's something about watching singing in a car while it drives around LA that is just so entertaining.


The British comedy writer and presenter has had everyone from Justin Bieber to One Direction to Michelle Obama as a guest on the show and they never cease to impress. In fact, I didn't think there was anyone left who hasn't sang along with James in the car... until today.

Rumours are circling online that Prince Harry is going to be a guest on Carpool Karaoke. If this is true this is going to be amazing, I never thought about Prince Harry singing but now it's all I can think about.

This is going to be the best episode yet and we have no doubt the two will have a great laugh together throughout as they are actually friends in real life.

Harry and James were spotted together last week driving around in an open double decker bus, which is apparently the new style of the show.

A source told PEOPLE Magazine: "They taped a Covid appropriate segment of Carpool Karaoke on the double decker. They have been friends for years and had a great time. A lot of joking around and laughter. They toured Hollywood and James showed Harry some special landmarks. They also chatted about Harry's life in the US and his focus now."


The piece was filmed last week according to reports but it didn't go unnoticed by fans who spotted the crew out and about.

TMZ reports that Harry and Corden's bus left the CBS lot around noon on Friday, and was "surrounded by a full crew, including 3 cameras and also got a police escort!"

We don't have an air date yet, but you can keep an eye on the Carpool Karaoke Youtube page for the latest episodes.