The reaction to Faye's apology was not as producers expected 1 year ago

The reaction to Faye's apology was not as producers expected

Could fans be right?

Let's be real for a second, the producers this season have been on such a high messing with Faye and Teddy's relationship, they seem like they're getting a kick out of it at this stage.


So when the pair reunited last night and completely made up after a few days of the silent treatment, the producers could not have been happy about the fan reaction.

Faye has admitted she's stubborn, so it was a shock to fans that she was willingly apologising for her outburst on Friday's episode, but some fans weren't as convinced it was her decision to say sorry.

Hardcore viewers of the show have come up with the theory that producers needed to step in to sort out Faye's behaviour, saying they asked her to apologise and asked Teddy to forgive her.


One fan said: "the producers have DEFINITELY spoke to faye."

Another said: "Faye glancing at the camera during this "apology" has me feeling sus."

A third said: "We know damm well Faye was forced to apologize."


Another fan added: "The producers brushing over Faye's outburst with picnics and challenges as if nothing happened."


To be clear, anyone who is stubborn as a mule will know owning up to your mistakes is not the easiest thing to do, even when you know you're wrong.

So while some were convinced producers told her to do it, others are sticking with the nicer idea of her and Teddy simply wanting to get their relationship back on track.

Either way, the producers certainly won't be admitting if they scripted this one or not any time soon, and they sure can't be happy about fans thinking this way at all.

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