Riverdale fans are convinced a fan favourite character is dead after the season finale 1 year ago

Riverdale fans are convinced a fan favourite character is dead after the season finale

Oh, wow.

Riverdale's slightly-confusing third season has come to an end - and sorry, we need a second after that cliffhanger.

After months of being terrorised by the Gargoyle King (and, we guess, technically Edgar Evernever too), the villain was finally unmasked...and a brand new mystery was set up for next season.

Warning: the rest of this story contains spoilers for the Riverdale season three finale. 

Right, so we were not expecting who the Gargoyle King really was.

It turns out that Chic, Betty's not-brother from last season, wasn't actually killed by the Black Hood - instead, he pledged his life to Hal.

The two of them were working together with Penelope Blossom, who wanted to take revenge on the town of Riverdale.

Elsewhere in the episode?

  • Penelope killed Hal (in front of Betty, which is pretty dark).
  • Alice hadn't actually joined the farm, she was working undercover with the FBI. With Betty's brother, Charles, who is actually alive - and is also Jughead's brother.
  • She and Polly also 'ascended' with Edgar and the rest of the members of the Farm. Which means we're likely going not see him again next season.

It all ended with the Fab Four sharing a milkshake toast at Pop's, promising that their senior year wouldn't involve them having to solve any murders.

A totally fair wish for their last year of high school - although it's fairly grim that they'd even have to make that promise.

But then the episode flashed forwarded to their senior year spring break, with a blood-soaked Archie, Betty and Veronica throwing their clothes into a big bonfire.

They promise that they're never going to speak of "this" again, before Archie throws Jughead's beanie into the blaze.

The scene has led fans to be really, really worried for the mystery aficionado - especially as he wasn't seen/mentioned at the bonfire.

And it doesn't help that Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa told TVLine that fans should be "very worried" about Jughead.

Timeline-wise, it's likely to be about a year in Riverdale time before fans find out everything about what "this" is.

The series has just held their prom, which places it as being sometime between April and June. And with spring break typically held in the United States some time between late February and the end of March, fans are going to be waiting awhile.

Then again, it is Riverdale. So we're keeping our fingers crossed for some flashbacks.