Both RTÉ News and BBC News had hilarious bloopers this weekend 3 years ago

Both RTÉ News and BBC News had hilarious bloopers this weekend

Is there anything funnier than a news blooper?

The seriousness of their circumstances means that when the bubble is popped and they're forced to deal with the boo-boo - be it their own, or technical, or whomever's fault it may have been - it is great watching their eyes widen in confusion and/or horror as they finally realise what has been happening for the last few seconds, and that the whole world (or at least a local part of it) has been watching the whole time.


As you'd expect at this point, blooper king Aengus Mac Grianna is once again involved in the RTÉ News boo-boo, as the camera cuts back to him following an on-the-scene report, which see Aengus begin a new segment, only for a voice-over to continue talking over him...

Meanwhile, it was even worse on the BBC World News in the early hours of Saturday morning, which found presenter Tom Donkin suddenly unsure which camera he was supposed to be standing in front of.

Which leads to him running all around the set, standing in front of several of the cameras, looking at all of them, until he finally figures it out and begins his job in the most professional manner still available to him.