Ryan Gosling couldn't control his laughter during these SNL skits last night 5 years ago

Ryan Gosling couldn't control his laughter during these SNL skits last night

Some of the best SNL moments are when the cast break character.

Well, that’s exactly what happened on last night’s Saturday Night Live.


In the premiere of its latest season, SNL saw Ryan Gosling take on the hosting duties for the second time, and presumably, they knew if it was anything like the last time, they’d be onto a winner.

During his first appearance on the show, Ryan’s laughing fit became one of the best moments on the show and remains as funny today as it was in 2015.

Well, last night there were three sketches that led to Ryan breaking character, and it was total TV gold.

First up was his opening monologue which was going quite well until he had to repeatedly tell the crowd that New Orleans was actually pronounced “Nerlins”.


In a sketch with Aidy Bryant dressed as a hen, Ryan lost his cool when the hen tried to grab his gun with her wings.

Finding it difficult to keep a hold of the weapon, Ryan found it difficult to keep hold of his cool.

Ryan later played the part of a man brought in to try out the new pasta range at an Italian restaurant, only to find out it was actually Pizza Hut.


While it was no hen holding a gun, it did leave Ryan struggling to keep a straight face by the end.

Finally, Ryan revisited the sketch that caused him to break two years ago and it seems he found it just as funny the second time around.

Yes, when Kate McKinnon does her thing, we can’t imagine it’s easy to control the laughter.