The Santa Clause 2 is on telly tonight, so that's our Saturday night in sorted 3 years ago

The Santa Clause 2 is on telly tonight, so that's our Saturday night in sorted

One of our faves!

Is there anything better than sitting in watching a wonderful movie?


ESPECIALLY this time of year, when some of the best Christmas films ever are on the TV.

And tonight is no exception folks.

The Santa Clause 2 will take to our screens this evening, and we're so delighted.

It will start at 6.35pm on RTE One, just after the Six O'Clock news!


That means you have plenty of time today to watch the first film, if you fancy catching up.

Plus, you'll have time after the movie (which ends at 8.30pm), to watch the third Santa Clause.


The Santa Clause 2 picks up eight years after the first film, with Scott Calvin becoming one of the greatest Santas ever.


Santa Clause 2

However, the Head Elf Bernard and Curtis, the Keeper of the Handbook of Christmas, inform him that there is another clause - the "Mrs. Clause".

Basically, Scott can only remain as Santa if he finds himself a Mrs Claus by Christmas Eve, or he will stop being Santa.

Then there's also the drama of finding out that his own son, Charlie, is on the naughty list. Turns out he's going through a bit of a rebellious phase.


Santa makes the responsible decision to go home and spend time with his son.

To cover for Santa's prolonged absence, Curtis helps Scott create a life-size toy replica of Santa, much to Bernard's horror, but he reluctantly plays along, and tells the other elves that Santa had a makeover, so they won't question the Toy Santa's different appearance.

Will Santa get married? Will Charlie be on the nice list? Will Toy Santa take over the world?

You'll have to tune in to RTE this evening to see.