Season 4 of The Crown will tackle The Troubles 1 year ago

Season 4 of The Crown will tackle The Troubles

The show is being urged to deal with real-life instances with accuracy.

It has been announced that season four of The Crown will depict events from during The Troubles, with a number of the scenes having already been filmed.


We're going to throw in a spoiler warning for the show here, even though it is real-life history.

You've been warned...

It will depict the real-life event that saw Lord Mountbatten assassinated by an IRA member in 1979, along with two teenagers.

The mother of one of the teens, Mary Hornsey, has said that she hopes the drama will show sensitivity in portraying the events of 1979, that saw Mountbatten's fishing boat blown up by a bomb.

Hornsey told the Belfast Telegraph that "There are two aspects of truth – the kind that we can make up that we want to see (on screen) and the actual truth. I think that is very important.

"I also think that the emotion involved in something so great as that should come over."

Mountbatten is played by Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister from Game of Thrones) in the show and it has been reported that a number of his key scenes have already been filmed.


Earlier this month, a number of cast members including Oscar winner Olivia Coleman, who plays Queen Elizabeth, were seen filming a funeral at Winchester Cathedral.

Netflix has yet to confirm an exact air date for the fourth season, but with certain scenes having already been shot, we imagine it won't be too long a wait.