Here's why you should be watching Netflix's new rom-com Set It Up 4 years ago

Here's why you should be watching Netflix's new rom-com Set It Up

We'll always have a soft spot for rom-coms.

The genre totally dominated the '90s and early '00s - and while it hasn't been quite as popular over the last few years, it looks like Netflix is aiming to change that.


The streaming service have released a number rom-com-y kind of films over the last few months, including manymany ones over the holiday season.

However their latest one, Set It Up, may be our favourite one of all.

The plot may be cheesy, and kind of predictable, but that is what we (and, as it seems, the rest of the Twittersphere) absolutely adore about it.


Set It Up follows two 20-something, over-worked assistants - Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell) - in the same office building that team up to set up their demanding, Miranda Priestly-esque (and single) bosses with each other in an effort to get them to ease up on the workload.

Charlie is convinced that it is a Parent Trap situation, while Harper insists it is actually Cyrano - either way, you'll spend the movie actually rooting for Charlie and Harper to get together.

It's got a meet-cute in an elevator, plenty of witty comebacks, a last minute dash to the airport - and, of course, one good smooch.


So, basically, it's got everything you could possibly want in a rom-com - which is why social media users are going crazy for it.


Like, really - the internet cannot seem to get enough of this movie.


Set It Up also stars Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs as Harper and Charlie's bosses, Kirsten and Rick.

Pete Davidson as Charlier's best friend and roommate, Duncan.

Set It Up is available to watch on Netflix now.