Seven Netflix documentaries to fill the hole left in your heart by Tiger King 2 years ago

Seven Netflix documentaries to fill the hole left in your heart by Tiger King

It's been just over a month since Joe Exotic burst onto screens and into our lives, and we haven't been quite right since.

Tiger King is the series that launched a thousand memes, had us glued to Netflix and gave us a taste for stories that we can't quite believe to be true.


In the mood for watching something a little weird? Read on.


Three Identical Strangers

The story of David Kellman, Bobby Shafran and Eddy Galland is fascinating, shocking and, at at times, deeply sad. This is a film you'll be recommending to everyone after you've watched it.



One of Us

This follows the struggles of three young people brought up in ultra-conservative Orthodox Jewish families in Brooklyn, New York in as they attempt to break away from their community. There might be little balance here but it's incredible to see how this society lives - and how it treats its own members who question this way of life.



Tell Me Who I Am

In 1982, Alex Lewis woke up from a coma after a motorbike accident having had his memory effectively wiped. When it came to filling in the blanks about his childhood, twin brother Markus made the decision not to be truthful. This is a harrowing watch but one that'll have you hooked from the beginning.



The Accountant of Auschwitz

The story of the 2015 trial of 93-year-old Oskar Groning for his alleged role as an SS officer at the Auschwitz concentration camp. If you have any interest in the workings of Nazi Germany and what happened to those who perpetrated its darkest crimes, you'll love this.


Wild Wild Country

The bizarre tale of what happened when a controversial Indian guru and his cult of followers set up a commune in a quiet corner of the US. Anyone who enjoyed Tiger King for its cast of oddball characters will buzz off this.


Casting JonBenet

This film explores the effect the world's biggest ever child murder case had on pop culture through showing us the casting process for re-enactments of the JonBenet Ramsey abduction in the documentary. Sounds confusing but this is a refreshing take on true crime.



What happens when an investigative journalist tries to tell the tale of a man who bought a motel so he could secretly watch his guests from above their rooms. If you want to feel thoroughly creeped out, this is for you.