The Simpsons predicts literal apocalypse if Trump wins election 5 months ago

The Simpsons predicts literal apocalypse if Trump wins election

The Simpsons have always been a fairly decent shout when it comes to predicting significant world events.

They predicted Donald Trump becoming US president. They predicted 9/11. They predicted what happens when you let a popular TV show carry on far beyond its years until its burnt out, beaten, and nobody really likes it anymore.


And now, they may very well have predicted what's going to happen if US citizens don't vote in today's election - total carnage.

In the series' latest episode, Treehouse of Horror, creator Matt Groening issued somewhat of a warning to those who are considering not voting.

The episode depicts Homer sitting at home while the rest of Springfield heads down to the polls to vote. Convinced by Marge to go, he eventually arrives and is still unsure who to cast his ballot for.

Lisa then reminds him how the past four years have been for US citizens under the current president. The series summarises them by presenting a list which includes the following:

  • Children in cages
  • The public being told to swallow bleach to fight Covid
  • Calling all Mexicans rapists

It goes on.


Homer decides he is going to vote to incite change... only to find out that he had, in fact, been dreaming the entire thing and he didn't vote at all.

Cut to next year and Homer is sitting atop his roof decked out in full body armour made from kitchen utensils. His vote was the decider... and he didn't use it.

The Simpsons may have been right about a lot of things over these past few years, but let's hope this is something that they are actively wrong about.

The US election takes place today, November 3.