Finally! The Sinner season 3 is arriving on Netflix this June 6 months ago

Finally! The Sinner season 3 is arriving on Netflix this June

Get ready to binge-watch all of this in one night.

First of all, we'd like to thank Netflix for keeping us distracted and busy during this stuck-at-home time. They really are spoiling us with these summer releases.


Just yesterday, Netflix revealed that The Sinner season 3 will finally be released on Netflix UK and Ireland this June 19 and we are honestly SO ready for it.

Having stunned us with the first two seasons, The Sinner is back with a season that is claiming to be the "most shocking story yet". Bill Pullman returns to the role of Detective Harry Ambrose, who is working on a case surrounding a fatal car crash. The crash initially seems to be an accident but Harry Ambrose thinks there's more to it, and considering the series we're watching, we expect he's probably right.

What we love about The Sinner is that the show follows one case per series - it means that we get to spend a lot of time with the different characters, and the storyline is given time to really develop and evolve, but there's also no sense of it being dragged on longer than is natural. That and, once we've started, we can't stop watching it until we've inhaled the whole thing.

Seriously, this is edge-of -your-seat stuff. If you haven't watched the first two seasons yet, we suggest you get right on that. You've got a whole month before the 3rd season arrives - sure that's plenty of time.