"I smell snow" - Here's a list of all eight Gilmore Girls Christmas episodes 2 years ago

"I smell snow" - Here's a list of all eight Gilmore Girls Christmas episodes

The countdown to Christmas is on!

There's a few TV related traditions that I have every Christmas and one is to binge watch the Christmas episodes of my favourite TV shows.


Now, while some TV shows only do a Christmas special here or there, there is one show in particular that always makes sure to have a Christmas episode every season.

That, of course, is Gilmore Girls.

To be honest, once winter hits Stars Hallow you're guaranteed festive vibes but there are actually dedicated Christmas episodes in each season.

Even though I thoroughly recommend binge watching every season of Gilmore Girls from start to finish, if it's just the Christmas episodes that you're after we have them all listed below, from season one to A Year In The Life, for your convenience.


So here it is every single Gilmore Girls Christmas episode from its eight seasons:

  • Season One: Episode Ten - Forgiveness and Stuff
  • Season Two: Episode Ten - The Bracebridge Dinner
  • Season Three: Episode Ten - That'll Do, Pig
  • Season Four: Episode Eleven - In the Clamor and the Clangor
  • Season Five: Episode Eleven - Women of Questionable Morals
  • Season Six: Episode Twelve - Just Like Gwen and Gavin
  • Season Seven: Episode Eleven - Santa's Secret Stuff
  • A Year In The Life : Winter

So get comfy on the sofa with some take out and copious amounts of junk food, soak in the snow and feel the good vibes of Stars Hallow at Christmas with your favourite Gilmore Girls.