Star Crossed Lovers - Eight Couples Who Were Never Meant To Be Together But Couldn't Be Apart 7 years ago

Star Crossed Lovers - Eight Couples Who Were Never Meant To Be Together But Couldn't Be Apart

They were never meant to be together but they couldn't be kept apart. Cinema is full of heartbreaking stories of star-crossed lovers who overcome all odds to stay together. With Labor Day in our cinemas soon, this got us thinking about all those other couples who were being kept apart. Here are eight of our favourites...

1. Frank and Rachel, The Bodyguard.


Frank was the bodyguard, Rachel the pop diva and while the pair spent all of their time together, Frank tried desperately not to fall for her. They couldn't be together, Whitney sang an entire song about it and all of our hearts broke.

2. Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Juliet.

The original star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet came fr
nnom rival families who never would have agreed to their marriage, but the pair could not be apart. However, this one certainly did not end too well. Could they not just have got along?

3. Ennis and Jack, Brokeback Mountain

Revolving around two cowboys who were employed to mind herds of animals in the wilderness, Brokeback told the heartbreaking story of Ennis and Jack, a couple who could never be together. But Ennis never gave up...

4. Rick and Ilsa, Casablanca

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she had to walk into mine." Rick and Ilsa had planned their future together but she had a past that she was unable to tell him about and a promise that she had to keep. That ending? Just heartbreaking!


5. Jack and Rose, Titanic

In Cameron's re-working of the Titanic story, he created a love story between two passengers whose paths never would have crossed if they were not on the ship. Rose, a lady from first class, fell for Jack, an artist who barely had fifty dollars in his back pocket. When the ship sank, Rose made a decision that would have a huge impact on her life.

6. Johnny and Baby, Dirty Dancing

Nobody puts Baby in a corner! Well, Johnny certainly wasn't putting Baby in a corner... Another forbidden romance, Baby fell in love with one of the dance tutors at her summer camp, a relationship that her father frowned upon. But it all turned out just fine, they even had a dance!


7. Newland and Ellen, The Age of Innocence.

Based on the spectacular novel, The Age of Innocence tells the story of Newland, a gentleman in New York who is betrothed to marry May Welland. However, when her cousin, Countess Olenska marriage ends and she ends up in high society, he cannot deny that he has fallen in love with her.

8. Adele and Frank, Labor Day

Told from the perspective of a thirteen-year-old boy, Labor Day tells the story of Frank and Adele who meet in unusual circumstances over the Labor Day weekend. Frank has escaped from prison and Adele and her young son allow him to stay while he is on the run, but the pair soon discover that this is love at first sight, but can it last?


Labor Day will be in cinemas from Friday, March 21st.