Swiss police respond to An Garda Síochána's 'Jerusalema' dance challenge 3 months ago

Swiss police respond to An Garda Síochána's 'Jerusalema' dance challenge

They thanked them for the "vibes."

Earlier this week, An Garda Síochána shared a video of themselves dancing. It was a response to the Swiss police force, the Federal Office of Police, in which police forces across Europe were challenged to perform a viral dance to a 'Master KG' song.


Dubbed the 'Jerusalema Challenge', the Gardaí's attempt at the video proved to be quite a hit, as members of the squad donned their gear and threw down some moves interspersed with a few nice drone shots of Ireland - and some Irish dancing for good measure.

Understandably, the Swiss police were all over the Irish rendition of the challenge and took to Twitter yesterday to share their response.

A video shared by the Fedpol account shows a group of police carrying a black box into a building. They then remove the Irish flag from the box and hang it outside, thanking the Gardaí for "moments of pure joy."

"GardaInfo absolutely nailed it," they wrote. "Thank you for the vibes," concluded the video.


The original video posted by the Swiss police can be seen below: