TG4's new sustainability series hopes to change Ireland's fashion mindset 2 years ago

TG4's new sustainability series hopes to change Ireland's fashion mindset

It's set to make a real impact.

A new sustainable fashion series is coming to BBC NI and TG4, revolving around how you can revamp your wardrobe with everything that's already in there.


Four-part series Éadaí SOS is presented by Caoimhe Ní Chathail and Proinsias Ó Coinn, and they want us to rethink everything we know about sustainable fashion.

Speaking to Her, Caoimhe says the aim for this show is to really get Ireland away from fast fashion and lean more into sustainability.

"This is going to really start some interesting conversations, and even get people realising just how obsessed we are with fast fashion, with only wearing an outfit once," the Letterkenny native told us.


"There are other ways of doing it too, be that charity shops or vintage shops, there are so many different options. We really hope and I really do believe the show will get people talking and we'll get people thinking and maybe analysing their own wardrobes after they see the show."

In this series, Caoimhe and Proinsias challenge four fashion fanatics to completely rejig their wardrobes, aiming to get them reducing, reusing and recycling.

Presenting the whole show as Gaeilge, we'll get a rundown of each wardrobe, how to make it fit in with today's trends and even how to upcycle clothes we know we won't wear.

"[The show] stemmed from my genuine interest in sustainable fashion and, our interest in making something that would be entertaining, but also educational, and would really showcase just how important that conversation about sustainable fashion is.


"We knew that we would like to do something on sustainable fashion because nothing had really been done so far.We just saw such a gap there and something that is definitely achievable with a four-part series."

With an original concept and a show that Caoimhe says looks as visually appealing as it is important, she truly hopes for a change in the way we view our own shopping habits.

"I really hope this show gives people tips as to how to find charity shop clothing, how to sort through their clothes, and really do a thorough sort of what they do and don't wear. It'll definitely give people ideas in terms of upcycling their clothes too. We take three items of clothing from each contributor and make them into a brand new outfit," Caoimhe added.


"Each of the contributors in the series went on the journey with us and I really enjoyed going on it with them and seeing how they kind of came to understand just how obsessed they were with shopping.

"I really would hope that the show will start a conversation about sustainable fashion, and show people that it is very easily obtained. It's something small that we can each do, it's some small difference we can all make."

Éadaí SOS begins on BBC Two NI on Monday, September 6th at 10pm, and will be coming to TG4 in early October.