The Chase is being slammed for an 'insensitive' question about The Prodigy 2 years ago

The Chase is being slammed for an 'insensitive' question about The Prodigy


Yesterday the news broke that Keith Flint, frontman of The Prodigy, had died age 49.


It was shocking and devastating news.

And yesterday evening, The Chase aired, with a very 'ill timed' question about the band.

Listen now, The Chase is pre-recorded, so there was no real knowing that there would be a question about Keith Flint.

But still, it was pretty painful to watch - you would have hoped someone in production would have pulled the episode.

the prodigy

Or at least edited out the question...

Viewers (ourselves included) were horrified when Bradley Walsh asked the question:


“Which chart act has the fewest members?”

The answer options were The Prodigy, The Proclaimers and Pretenders.

A real face palm moment all round, if you ask us.

the prodigy

As you can imagine, people were pretty pissed off by the whole thing.


"Surely taking the piss asking which group has the least members with The Prodigy being one of the answers.. On day the lead singer committed suicide.. On The Chase #TheChase#badtaste"

Another wrote: "Well... that prodigy question was awkward to say the least #TheChase"

Meanwhile another viewer tweeted: "Well this was a badly timed question to come on today # thechase"

We still can't believe it happened.