The first details about the Easy A spin-off movie are here we can't wait 9 months ago

The first details about the Easy A spin-off movie are here we can't wait

It's been almost 10 years since Easy A first hit cinemas.

But a spin-off movie is (finally!) in the works - and the first details about what to expect are here.

The original movie starred Emma Stone as Olive Penderghast, a teenager who uses the rumour mill at her high school to advance her social standing - and her bank account.

Penn Badgley, Amanda Bynes, Lisa Kudrow, Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci also starred in the film.

Easy A's original screenwriter, Bert Royal, will be writing and directing the movie - and he's revealed what fans can expect.

He told the Los Angeles Times:

“Times have changed quite a bit since I wrote that movie! The term ‘slut-shaming’ wasn't even in existence when the movie came out, and people were barely texting back then.

“Now, we’re in this whole new world where people are very open and things that were taboo even 10 years ago are not as taboo now."

The new film will reportedly take place at the same high school as the first. And while it will still have many similar themes, it will focus on a new set of students - including Chip Penderghast, Olive's younger brother.

Royal added:

“[Chip] is part of a new generation, where everything is out in the open and instead of people protesting, you have people celebrating.

“Whereas something was secret or a rumor before, this one has something that goes very public very fast, and throws our characters into a whole different situation.

"We'll follow the same throughline of a character who is helping another person and, farcically, it spins out of control.”

He added that while the first film examined The Scarlet Letter, the spin-off will explore “a popular piece of literature, but this one’s not a novel.”

The screenwriter also addressed the possibility of any of the former stars appearing in the film, telling the publication:

“Because it's set in the same world, we're hoping we can get as many people from the original as we can.

"They all have parts, if they want them.”