The Handmaid's Tale fans shocked after game-changing cliffhanger 2 years ago

The Handmaid's Tale fans shocked after game-changing cliffhanger

This would change everything.

The Handmaid's Tale recently returned for its highly anticipated season two - and we've been absolutely hooked ever since.


Much like the first season, there have been plenty of jaw-dropping moments so far. But the latest cliffhanger may the biggest yet.

Warning. This story contains spoilers for The Handmaid's Tale's season 2, episode 6. 

If you don't want to see spoilers, turn back now. 

We mean it. 

Right, so First Blood - the sixth episode the season - featured Commander Waterford (or Fred) as he was putting the finishing touches onto the Rachel and Leah Centre.

The building would serve as the new Red Centre, which would welcome more Handmaids into Gilead - and things went terribly wrong upon its opening.


While Fred gave a speech emphasising the importance of Handmaids, Ofglen - who had her tongue cut out earlier this season for sprucing out against the stoning of Janine - made her way into the hall and began to charge the stage.

The other Handmaids began to run away from the building, as Ofglen detonated a device hidden under her red dress and caused a huge explosion.

It seems pretty likely that Ofglen didn't survive the explosion, but the trailer for the following episode appears to hint hat Fred may also have not made it out alive.


The possible death of Fred would definitely be huge for the series, and add a new dimension to the dynamic between Serena and Ofred.

And, basically, would change absolutely everything.