The reason why Love Island's Danny nearly didn't make it on the show 2 years ago

The reason why Love Island's Danny nearly didn't make it on the show

He almost didn't make it.

It seems like things could have been very different in the villa right now. As Danny is having a little love triangle with Yewande and Arabella, it turns out that he almost didn't make it onto the show.


Just as producers were coming to collect him to bring him over to Mallorca, he realised his passport was stolen.

The Sun reports that his entrance into the villa was delayed by three days, but luckily producers were quite chill about the whole thing.

A source told the publication: “Danny was frantic when he discovered his passport was missing when producers were on their way to get him.

"Luckily they were very understanding and let him fly out a few days late.”

Well, thank god he sorted it because if Friday night's episode is anything to go by, he's a main player in the villa at the moment.

On the last episode we saw Arabella and Yewande go head to head for him.

As Danny was getting to know Arabella a little bit more, it seems Yewande got a tad jealous and decided to up her game by going over and sitting on him in the middle of their conversation.


Then came that 'chat' where Yewande said she was "livid."

It's all very confusing and we're all over love triangles now, but still, we can't wait to tune in tonight.