The X Factor Could Be On Its Last Legs 5 years ago

The X Factor Could Be On Its Last Legs

Amidst plummeting ratings, criticism of the judging panel and whispers of discord amongst the staff, it seems ever more likely that The X Factor may meet its doom 12 years after it all began.

According to The Independent, Simon Cowell is planning on 'resting' the show following a record low for ratings at just over 5.39million last season.


"[ITV] will rest the X Factor for 2017 because there is no way they can run two singing contests and BGT in the same year, they cannot do it"

"Particularly because the X Factor contract is coming to an end and it has been a disaster."

An ITV spokesman weighed in on the rumours: " The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent contracts come up for renewal after the last series airs later this year and we will be sitting down to discuss new deals for 2017 and beyond in the near future."

The decline in ratings coupled with many vote-fixing scandals may spell the end for the once-great TV institution, however with The Voice UK moving to ITV we still will have no shortage of musical talent and cringe-watching to see us through the long winter.

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