There's MORE drama for the Mitchell family this week 5 years ago

There's MORE drama for the Mitchell family this week

Mitchells and drama are two words that should never mix.

Of all the shows on TV, EastEnders is surely the most dramatic and that may have *some* correlation with why I love it so much.


Walford holds many secrets, lies, and unbelievable storylines, and that's how it keeps us captivated and interested in every new episode.

One seriously dramatic storyline that's going to unfold this week is that involving the Mitchell family.


According to Digital Spy, both Ben and Jay are out to prove themselves as true gangster Mitchells as Ben wants to take revenge after the untimely death of his late boyfriend, Paul Coker.

Ever since Paul was killed, Ben has only been angrier and more agitated than usual, so along with recently found out drug dealer brother Jay, the pair look to set the wrongs put against them right.

The pair will reportedly hatch a plan to kill the people responsible for Paul's death, and seem to be fully intent on carrying it out before Ben's sister, Louise Mitchell smells a rat.

Worried about what the boys are going to do, she's left with no other choice but to call the police on her brothers, which could see Ben Mitchell going back to prison once more.


Actor Harry Reid, who plays Ben, has spoken about Ben's motivation to get his revenge.

"He has just lost his boyfriend, someone he really loves and Paul was harmless.

"All he is going to think about every single day is some bloke stamping on Paul's face, which is a grim image when you think of it. It was a real vicious hate crime and Ben's a cannon - they have lit the fuse."