What a throwback: The first trailer for the iCarly reboot has dropped 4 months ago

What a throwback: The first trailer for the iCarly reboot has dropped

The iCarly gang is making a comeback in the brand new series.

Looking for a bit of nostalgia on a Thursday morning? Well look no further because the iCarly reboot trailer has just dropped.


The show may have ended back in 2012 but with a grown up cast and an even more grown up audience, the gang is back with some old and new faces.

Carly (Miranda Cosgrove), Freddie (Nathan Kress) and Spencer (Jerry Trainor) are returning this month in a more adult adaption of the classic Nickelodeon show and seem to have made new friends along the way.

From the 90 second snippet that dropped, we see the gang get back to doing what they do best, live streaming but it's a little different this time around.

Neville makes a reappearance, they've swapped the clunky camera for a slick pear phone and can now legally hit the bars, this reboot is exactly what we needed to make 2021 a little easier to deal with.


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Unfortunately, Sam won't be returning to the show as Jennette McCurdy has since quit acting and is focusing on her music career instead.


But there is one new and massive change they've made to the show we know and love, Freddie has a step daughter. This one really made us feel old.

Laci Mosley is joining the cast as Carly's best friend Harper, and we'll get to see how life as adults is working out for the gang.

And without giving too much away, it looks like Spencer is still his wacky old self while Carly and Freddie are bringing back some of the skits we can probably all still quote.

The show is set to start streaming on Paramount+ on June 17.

Check out the trailer here: