Tommy and Molly-Mae take another MASSIVE step in their relationship tonight 10 months ago

Tommy and Molly-Mae take another MASSIVE step in their relationship tonight


So as we all know, Tommy and Molly Mae are officially in boyfriend/ girlfriend territory now.

Good for them in fairness, we stan.

Anyway, tonight, the couple are set to make yet another massive step in their relationship.

After a drama-filled evening, the Islanders retire for the night.

As Tommy and Molly-Mae lie in bed, Tommy drops the ‘L’ word. He says to Molly-Mae before they go to sleep “I love you.”

Molly-Mae replies “I love you too.”

Aaaaaand we're dead.


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Cuteness overload ? We just LOVE how happy these two look together ? #TOLLY

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The next day, Molly-Mae and Tommy reflect on their declarations of love.

Tommy fills the boys in on the big news. In the garden, Tommy says “The big ‘L’ has been dropped. It’s a comforting feeling knowing that someone has the same feeling as you. Whenever I see her, I get nervous!”

The boys are only delighted for Tommy.

Tommy reflects in the Beach Hut, he says “I don’t care who knows it. I will shout it from the rooftops. It’s a nice feeling.”


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Tommy’s recoupling speech tonight ?❤️? #TOLLY #loveisland

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Meanwhile, on the terrace Molly-Mae shares the exciting news with the Anna, Amber and Maura. She says “I wanted to tell you guys that me and Tommy dropped the L bomb! We both knew that we felt it.”

The girls are excited by Molly-Mae’s admission. Anna says “You can tell he loves you so much. It’s so cute.”

Molly-Mae “I’m not the type of person to rush things, so I know it’s a genuine feeling. I know that we both feel it.”


Tommy and Molly-Mae forever.