Tonight's episode of The Rotunda made for incredibly emotional viewing 3 years ago

Tonight's episode of The Rotunda made for incredibly emotional viewing

Tissue, anyone?

Last week, six-part series The Rotunda kicked off on RTE2 to wide praise across the board for the midwives, doctors, and mothers who have managed to bring life into the world in the world's oldest maternity hospital.


There's been tears, there's been joy, and there's been a load of crying newborns - and so far, this week's instalment of the documentary has been no different.

However, it's also been incredibly emotional to watch for one particular reason - or rather, one particular baby.

Newborn Michael, weighing just 395 grams, needed to be saved by doctors in the hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit given his tiny size.

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Born at just 24 weeks, baby Michael was one of many premature babies born into the hospital every week, but his case was slightly different given the fact that he suffered growth restrictions in the womb, meaning that his chances of survival were lower.

His mum, Michelle, had also lost four babies previously at similar gestation.

As Michael's story progressed, viewers took to Twitter to express their heartache and hope for the newborn's survival.




One of the smallest babies the Rotunda had ever seen, Michael unfortunately passed away soon after his birth due to breathing complications.

Also appearing on the show this week was Dublin mum, Olivia, who wanted to have a drug-free birth and mother-of-four, Nikita, who was getting used to the idea of a male midwife helping to deliver her baby.

Brazilian couple João and Marianna were also eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first child together.

The Rotunda will continue on RTE2 every Thursday at 9.30pm for the next four weeks.