Even more "movie" clips cause carnage in the Love Island villa tonight 10 months ago

Even more "movie" clips cause carnage in the Love Island villa tonight


As movie night continues in the villa, it's not as fun as it first sounded, if they could only turn back time.


With more clips unearthing all the islander's antics, tensions only build more as they see some of their fellow housemate's true colours on the big screen.

But one thing is for sure, it's about to go down and the islanders are definitely giving the latest films they've seen a terrible rating.

After seeing Jake admitting he once didn't fancy Liberty and Faye joking about how Teddy isn't funny, whatever comes next sends the villa into a frenzy.


Faye and Teddy are left completely frustrated with each other, and Faye pulls Dale for a chat so she can vent out her feelings to someone.

She says: "There was nothing in that clip of me and Sam that Teddy didn't already know. Did Teddy come back once and say he was sexually attracted to someone? No."

It seems like Faye knows Teddy fancied Clarisse when he first arrived at Casa Amor, and is not at all happy about it.


Walking away from Dale, Faye adds: "I’m done with this conversation."

Making her feelings well and truly known, Matthew steps in to have his own say on things as Faye asks Teddy not to speak to her.

As Faye makes her feelings known, Matthew looks to have his say on the situation, while Faye asks Teddy not to speak to her.

And after seeing the clip from week one, Liberty is questioning everything with Jake while he tries to reassure her that things have completely changed since then.


He says: "You’re my girlfriend. I want to take you home to my family. You’re my future."

Either way, the islanders are probably happy about one thing, that the producers have included the dog house this yea and by the sounds of it they'll be needing it tonight.