Tree up yet? Now you can throw some Friends themed baubles on it 1 year ago

Tree up yet? Now you can throw some Friends themed baubles on it

Full disclosure.

If you've got your Christmas tree up yet, you're an absolute maniac.


There is no other way of looking at it.

And although the headline of this article would suggest that having your Christmas tree up is, indeed, a normal thing to do this early, it isn't - so if you've already retrieved yours from the attic, please put it back up there.

However, just because you're not allowed to have your tree up, doesn't mean that you aren't allowed to go ahead and order a load of decorations for when the times comes.

Because you are - and you should.

A selection of decorations that you should definitely consider purchasing and hanging on your tree this year are these Friends themed ones.

Because everybody loves Friends, and apparently, the show never goes out of fashion, so yeah.


The baubles are currently being sold on Etsy, and include a selection of delightful Friends references including: 'See, he's her lobster,' 'How you doin,' and of course, 'Pivot.'

You love to see it.

The baubles come in packs of four and customers can choose whichever phrase they want from a substantial list that will be included below.

However, due to unprecedented demand, pre-Christmas delivery is no longer guaranteed so, you know, keep your tree up til February, we guess.


The list of references includes:

• See, he’s her lobster
• Paper, snow, a ghost!
• They don’t know that we know they know
• How you doin’
• You ate my sandwich? My sandwich!
• FRIENDS (logo)
• Oh my god!
• Shut up, shut up, shut up
• Pivot, pivot, pivot
• If I had to I would pee on anyone of you
• Joey doesn’t share food
• Unagi!
• "I'm sorry"
• Miss Chanandler Bong
• Mississippily?
• Could I BE wearing any more clothes?
• The one with Christmas
• I'm fine

Dunno how much we're gagging to get that last one on a bauble, but hey listen, it's Christmas, anything goes.

You can check out the baubles - and maybe even buy yourself a few - here. 


Images via Etsy.