Viewers of EastEnders are shocked as an incest storyline has been hinted at 5 years ago

Viewers of EastEnders are shocked as an incest storyline has been hinted at

Like everything played out in Albert Square, it involves the Mitchell family.

Of all the shows on TV, EastEnders is surely the most dramatic and that may have *some* correlation with why I love it so much.


Walford holds many secrets, lies, and unbelievable storylines, and that's how it keeps us captivated and interested in every new episode.

One family that certainly keeps the soap alive and kicking is the Mitchells, an ever-growing brood.


Ever since the untimely death of the Mitchell matriarch Peggy, absent brother Grant has made an appearance along with daughter Courtney.

This brings the Mitchell tally in Walford up quite a bit, considering the long-running presences of troublemakers Phil, Ben, Jay, Louise, Ronnie, Roxy already in the Square.

One new character that has entered the square is Mark Fowler Jnr and he seems to have really hit it off with Courtney judging from an episode earlier this week.

Before Louise, Mark, Shak and Courtney were all set to go to Carnival, Mark was flirting away with Courtney who unknown to him is his half-sister. It hasn't been revealed yet but Grant is actually the father of Mark thanks to an affair he had with Michelle Fowler years ago.



According to fans on Twitter, it looks like Courtney and Mark may get together before knowing the truth.