Vogue Williams is the absolute image of son Theodore in old baby photo 2 years ago

Vogue Williams is the absolute image of son Theodore in old baby photo

They are related, in fairness.

It's that time of the week, folks - the time where we present to you a photo of a baby and a photo of a person who is related to that baby and state that the two babies in the photos look alike.


And they will too, because let's be honest with ourselves, a lot of babies look quite similar anyway.

There's only so many features they can have.

The babies up for scrutinisation this week are Vogue Williams and her son, Theodore.

The latter is still a baby and the former is now a grown woman, but back when she was also a newborn, could she have looked eerily similar to another baby, her son?

Let's find out.

Here's Theodore.


And here's Vogue, as a baby.

Yep, same baby. Nailed it.

Vogue shared the throwback baby photo to her Instagram Story last night, proving that she was indeed very cute as a child, and also bore a significant likeness to her son.


Who'd have thought it?

Vogue and husband Spencer Matthews welcomed baby Theodore towards the second half of last year.

The couple have been quite open about wanting to expand their family, with Spencer admitting that the two of them want to have another baby by the of the year.

Another baby to look exactly like them when they were also babies. 


Great to see it.

Vogue has also been quite candid about some stuff that has been weighing on her since the birth of Theodore too - her fears around sex.


She recently said that she was worried about being intimate with Spencer following the birth, stating that she didn't think it was going to be all that enjoyable so soon.

Spencer has since reassured everyone that it was fine.

Cheers man, appreciate it.