WATCH: Man tries on pregnancy bump and literally cannot function 4 months ago

WATCH: Man tries on pregnancy bump and literally cannot function

Too funny.

A man has shared a hilarious video of himself "trying" pregnancy and all we can say is, God loves a trier.


TikTok couple Saif and Leigh, who share a joint TikTok account @saifandleigh, uploaded a clip of Saif with a massive pumpkin attached to his stomach as he went about doing some day to day tasks.

"Making my husband do simple tasks with a belly like mine," Leigh wrote.

The clip then shows Saif trying to use a dustpan and brush, shave his legs and even just get out of the bed in the morning and as you can imagine, he struggles to do it all.

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And of course, the comments went crazy with people finding the whole thing just gas, with one person saying: "Iconic. Make 'em understand sis."

Another wrote: "Well this is the best idea ever."

A third said: "Love that he tried it for a minute."


While a fourth said: "Let's see how the guys feel."

While some made funny remarks, others just tagged their partners obviously getting a little bit of inspiration from the video.

Most people were definitely on Leigh's side, saying men should experience this to understand what women go through, but one commenter was backing Saif, saying: "He's at a disadvantage he looks 11 months pregnant."