WATCH: Netflix to release documentary on the Watts family murder 7 months ago

WATCH: Netflix to release documentary on the Watts family murder

A heartbreaking case.

As someone who watches a lot of true crime shows, I'm more than aware that there are just some cases that always stick with you.


The Watts family case is one of those cases.

Maybe it's because I'm a mother but the senseless and brutal deaths of pregnant Shannan Watts and her two daughters at the hands of her husband is a hard one to shake.

For those not familiar with the Watts case, it began in Colorado in 2018 when Shannan and her daughters were reported missing by a close friend and, unfortunately, ended in tragedy.

The case shocked the American public when it was discovered that Chris Watts, who on the surface had it all, became the prime suspect in the murder of his entire family.

While the Watts seemed like the perfect family, behind closed doors a secret affair eventually led to the tragic deaths of Shannan (who was pregnant with a baby boy) and her two young daughters Bella (4) and Celeste (3).

Netflix recently announced that they will be releasing a documentary on the case called American Murder: The Family Next Door.


The documentary will go into detail on the murders and consider how Chris Watts got away with pretended to be someone he was not.

American Murder: The Family Next Door is available to watch on Netflix from September 30.

Anyone who may have been affected by the issues discussed in this documentary can contact Women's Aid on1800 341 900.