WATCH: The official trailer for You season two is here, and Joe is still up to his old tricks 7 months ago

WATCH: The official trailer for You season two is here, and Joe is still up to his old tricks

"I'm Will."

... Says Joe Goldberg as he orders a coffee at what is inevitably supposed to be a Starbucks somewhere deep in the wannabe cesspit that is LA.

His words, not ours.

Or at least they will be come December 26, when he lands back on our Netflix-based screens, complains about the world around him, and murders a few more people.

Yep, You is back in a mere few weeks which means we'll have a whole new season of Penn Badgley doing extremely creepy things while a gaggle of fangirls romanticise his every serial killer-esque/deeply problematic move.

Can't wait.

To tide us over until then though, Netflix have done us all a solid and provided the first official trailer for the upcoming series.

It shows Joe (who is, as we already know, calling himself 'Will' this time around), observing the inner workings of what appears to be an LA coffee shop.

He wanders in, makes some sassy comments about the cliental, inwardly rolls his eyes, and watches some lad eat a gluten-free muffin.

He then goes to order himself a beverage, introducing himself as Will - adding to the inevitably long list of extremely generic fake names we are bound to expect from a man of his stature.

There are a couple of things that we know about You season two.

We know that Beck won't be there, because she is dead. We know that Candace (Joe's ex) will be there, because she alive.

We also know that Joe has left New York for LA, that he hates people who take selfies, and that he's just as bitter about the actions of humankind as ever.

It wouldn't take a genius to figure that out, though.

You returns to Netflix on December 26. You can check out the full trailer for season two below: