WATCH: The trailer for Pixar's new movie Luca is here 2 years ago

WATCH: The trailer for Pixar's new movie Luca is here

Who doesn't love Pixar movies?

All but the coldest of hearts are warmed by the site of that weird little Pixar lamp fella hopping into view, ready to take his place among the pantheon of letters that make up the Pixar logo.


Since releasing Toy Story in the mid-1990s, Pixar has continually made some of the most heartwarming and funny animated films to entertain both children and adults alike.

Its first pandemic movie was Soul, the story of a - SPOILER ALERT - jazz musician who dies, only to try and find his way back to life to fulfil his dreams. The reception was mixed but it was a good, thought provoking film.

Now, Pixar have released the teaser trailer for Luca, their latest offering, which shows a picturesque seaside town enjoying all the benefits that come with such a life, as well as two boys - one of whom we assume is the titular character - playing around like kids do... before turning into sea creatures.

It's Pixar, alright. Enjoy the trailer. The film hits cinemas this summer.


Watch the trailer below or click the link here.