You will be able to watch the royal wedding on Youtube tomorrow 8 months ago

You will be able to watch the royal wedding on Youtube tomorrow

It's nearly here!

We love a royal wedding, and we've been absolutely spoiled this year with two. The second one, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank, is taking place tomorrow, and while it won't be as big as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's, people are still pretty excited about it.

Unlike other royal weddings, the day will not be broadcast on BBC, with ITV's This Morning instead taking over the coverage.

However, as it's Friday and we don't all have time to sit at home and watch the day unfold, it has been reported that you can also watch the nuptials on Youtube.

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Yep, the royal family has a Youtube channel and you can get your wedding fix tomorrow as the channel will be streaming the day in full.

The stream will begin at 10am so keep an eye out here, as well as Facebook and Twitter.

It emerged today that Princess Eugenie is having tequila cocktails and red velvet wedding cake at her big day tomorrow.

The bride-to-be has enlisted the services of fiancee Jack Brooksbank's tequila brand to create some bespoke drinks for their wedding weekend.

Apparently, Eugenie has even allowed Jack to "be in charge" of the alcohol selection.

How kind of her.

Sky News reports that Jack, the European brand manager for a tequila company founded by George Clooney, has been tasked with ensuring that his wedding guests are sufficiently liquored up over the course of the wedding.