Will there be a season 2 of Bridgerton on Netflix? 8 months ago

Will there be a season 2 of Bridgerton on Netflix?

We can't get enough.

If you've recently found yourself speaking in a fancy English accent or becoming obsessed with Regency era fashion, chances are you've been bet into Bridgerton.


Netflix's new period drama is perfect for Christmas bingewatching. Sex, scandal and sumptuous costumes, this show has it all.

Bridgerton has gone down a treat since it premiered on Christmas Day, earning it rave reviews from viewers and critics - but now we need to know if we'll ever see Daphne and co. again.

So, will there be another series of Bridgerton?

Well, according to the show's creator - yes, hopefully!

Chris Van Dusen has said that he'd be keen to keep the story going, delving into the love lives of each of the Bridgerton siblings.

"Obviously we’re just focused on the first season right now," he recently told Cosmopolitan UK.

"And while that focuses on the eldest Bridgerton daughter Daphne and her love affair with Simon, we know there are eight Bridgerton siblings [and] there are eight Bridgerton books.

"So in success I would love to be able to explore love stories and romances for all the Bridgerton brothers and sisters, of course."


That's not set in stone then but it sounds very promising.

The second novel in the Bridgerton series of books is all about Anthony, which hopefully means we'd see a lot more of actor Jonathan Bailey if season two does happen. Yay!