Woman filmed drying her knickers with overhead vent on an airplane 4 years ago

Woman filmed drying her knickers with overhead vent on an airplane

Well this is sort of bizarre and gas all at the same time.

Strange things happen when you are airborne, but this has to be one of the strangest of all.


A woman who was traveling with Ural Airlines from Antalya, Turkey, to Moscow, Russia was filmed by another passenger on board for her unusual activity and since then, the video has gone viral.

Now, this isn't your typical funny plane video of a stranger sleeping with their mouth open or an auld wan reading 50 Shades beside you, no, this video is of a passenger LITERALLY holding her knickers above her head and drying them using those tiny air vents (that produce literally no air) whilst on the plane.

A passanger on board the plane told The Sun that the woman in question did not even appear remotely embarrassed or ashamed, as she held the underwear high in the sky for approximately 20 minutes trying to dry the set of briefs.


The video has over 70,000 views since it was uploaded a couple days ago and the mystery of the "air vent knickers" is still unsolved. Many people however gave their two cents underneath the video, giving their thoughts on the footage.

One viewer said: "Maybe the takeoff was a little too much or her?"

While another wrote...

"Well don't show 50 Shades of Grey as the in-flight movie next time!"


We have to give it to her, she's one brave lady.