Woman finds abandoned apartment in hole behind her bathroom mirror 1 year ago

Woman finds abandoned apartment in hole behind her bathroom mirror

Sounds like something straight out of a horror movie.

As someone who watches far too many scary movies and true crime documentaries, TikTok videos like this really send a shudder down my spine.


I only recently had a nightmare that someone tried to come into my room by climbing through my built in wardrobe and after seeing this I might have to get a padlock for it because...NOP!

TikTok user Samantha Hartsoe recently posted a series of videos (which have been put together in the YouTube video above) in which she tries to discover why her New York apartment is so drafty.

At first Hartsoe just thinks it has something to do with the ventilation system until she removes her bathroom mirror.


Upon removing the mirror she discovers that there are hidden rooms and this is the point at which I would have been out of there.

After discovering that there is at least one other room behind her mirror Hartsoe decides to investigate.

I feel like this is the point in the horror movie where you just want to shout 'no don't go in there'.


Luckily Hartsoe found herself in no danger but what she did find was that not only was there another room, but a whole other apartment!

Yes that's right, a whole other apartment that she had no idea about.

There literally could have been someone living in her walls and she would have had no idea.


She even discovers trash discarded around the secret apartment and after climbing back through her mirror proclaims that she is going to give her landlord a call.

I sure hope they've got a good explanation for not telling her someone could get into her apartment via her bathroom mirror.

Honestly I don't know if I would be able to stay in that apartment after discovering that but if I had to I would start locking my bathroom door at night.