Yikes! Curtis is in a serious love triangle on tonight's episode of Love Island 6 months ago

Yikes! Curtis is in a serious love triangle on tonight's episode of Love Island

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Lads, the drama is only starting.

On tonight's episode of Love Island, we're about to see the new boys make their move as they find the one they want to couple up with.

Eyes are wandering, but it's not just from Anton and his medical condition. Amber too suffers from the same ailment and is looking at both Joe and Tommy. After realising Callum was 28-years-old in the first episode, she's itching to make a new move.

Tonight will also see the first challenge of the show. The Islanders will be revealing juicy secrets about each other while slipping in slime and having a cheeky crack on *cough* Lucie and Joe *cough*.

But that's not all the dramz, Curtis is also set to cause a stir as he makes his move on not one but two of the girls. Revealing that he has his eyes on both Yewande and Amy, who will he choose?

In the Beach Hut, Curtis says:

“I hadn’t actually spoken to Yewande before the challenge so I actually maybe would have liked to have given her a cheeky little peck.”

And Yewande clearly has the feels too as later she admits she likes him.

“I think I do fancy him. He has amazing eyes and he is really nice.”

But, like everything in Love Island, nothing is plain sailing and Curtis gets cold feet.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do because I may have been swayed.”

Swayed by who you ask?

None other than Amy who is paired with Anton. Amy too thinks her and Curtis would make the perfect match and wants him to pick her. Speaking in the beach hut, she says:

“I don’t feel like I have to force anything with Curtis because it’s all so easy so I’m hoping that he picks me. But he was just talking to Yewande again. So, I don’t know.”

Boil the kettle, there's TEA coming.

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