Reddit has chosen its worst baby names 'of all time' - and yeah, fair 11 months ago

Reddit has chosen its worst baby names 'of all time' - and yeah, fair

I mean....

When it comes to picking a name for our baby, most of us go with names we love. Or maybe ones that have meaning or tradition behind it.

To others again, I reckon, it is all about the novelty factor – they want a moniker that makes their child stand out in a crowd. And some parents use the opportunity to experiment with names that aren't quite – ahem – standard.

But how far is too far?

Here's a list of the worst baby names you should never give your child, according to Reddit users.

1. Champion

@thewildfapper said the worst name they'd heard was Champion. 'I swear to God he was my classmate,' the user added.

2. Strawberry Rain

@captainmagictrousers: 'My coworker names her baby "Strawberry rain". Which would be a great baby name if she had given birth to a bottle of shampoo.'

3. Dabien

@Forestofoz: 'Dabien, think Damien but with a B'.

4. Pain

Reddit user @rockrataz said: 'I knew a girl who named her kid Pain.'

@Synalchemist replied: 'That's so metal'.

5. Munia

@Comemichiamo: 'I knew a girl who wanted to call her daughter Munia.'

6. Area

@Squidload: 'Arya, but it's spelled Area.'

7. Psamantha

@MicolashCaged said: 'I'm related to a girl called Psamantha.'

8. Diesel

@mandy6919 offered this name: 'Diesel Duramax'.

9. Kash

@clutch_kicker said: 'Kash. It's awful.'

10. Nevaeh

@RebeccaCoolKid said: 'I know it's popular, but personally I don't care for Nevaeh (heaven spelled backwards)'.

11. Honeigh

@BobbyHatesYou: 'A little one that goes to school with my niece is named Honey, but spelled Honeigh.

12. Moon Star

User @KateSally said: 'Extra points for the kid I met named "Moon Star." :/'