"Giving Birth is Like Experiencing a Terrorist Attack," say Researchers. Do You Agree? 10 years ago

"Giving Birth is Like Experiencing a Terrorist Attack," say Researchers. Do You Agree?

Are you currently trying for a baby or expecting your first child? If so, how do you feel? Are you calm, collected and excited about the bouncing bundle of joy that will soon be in your life?

Or are you like a third of mothers who are so petrified of giving birth that they liken it to experiencing a terrorist attack?


The Irish Daily Mail reports that scientists have claimed that for up to one third of mammies and mammies-to-be, giving birth can be as traumatic  as experiencing a terrorist attack. Yes, really.

According to researchers, one in three women who have just given birth, may experience signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, a condition that is associated with war and terrorist attacks.

Well, we don’t mean to be smart, but in fairness, the poor women just endured hours of labour and practically had their insides ripped out of them – of course they’re going to be a little traumatized. They’re also probably going to be exhausted, emotional and in pain.


Does childbirth really cause post-traumatic stress disorder?

Anyway, apparently women suffering from post-labour post-traumatic stress disorder can experience flashbacks of the birth, may avoid speaking about their labour and could have physical reactions such as heart palpitations whenever anyone asks them about the experience or asks them if they’d ever have another child.

Needless to say, ladies, these findings are very controversial in nature, but researchers in Israel claim that their conclusion (that childbirth is a cause of post-traumatic stress disorder) is “indisputable.”

What do you think?