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Is Your Toddler a Fashion-Diva? A New Study Shows Our Sense of Style Develops Early
A study has shown that toddlers tend to throw tantrums if they are not allowed to wear the clothes that they like. Does this sound familiar?

Have you ever wondered why your toddler loves some of his/her clothes but throws a huge tantrum when you try to force them into something they don’t like? Well it’s all to do with taste, which is something we develop at a very, very young age.

The Irish Sun reports that children decide what they like and what they don’t like from a fashion perspective when they’re just three years old. Whatever about our own children, we imagine Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs must’ve been absolute nightmares when they were in their early years.

Anyway, a study, which was carried out by Debenhams, examined the changes faces of children in Ireland when they were subjected to different types of clothing.

The study revealed that yes, children do develop a very distinct sense of style at a young age, but the good news is that their tantrums and tears about what they wear will ease by the time they hit the grand old age of 16.

Children develop a sense of style at a young age.

On the plus side, by the age of 16 they’re usually able to dress themselves and pick out their own clothes for the day (thank goodness!).


“Parents today have it much tougher than the previous generation,” said Karen Nason, the spokeswoman for Debenhams Ireland.

“Children now want to take control of what they wear at a younger age than ever before,” she added.

Ladies do you have a sartorially-savvy toddler in your house? Let us know!