Older siblings are generally the smartest, according to study 3 years ago

Older siblings are generally the smartest, according to study

Finally, our suspicions have been confirmed.

It's rare to have a family where there isn't a good bit of sibling rivalry.


Who's the best looking? Who's the most loved? Who's the fastest runner when you're being pelted with water balloons on an unsuspecting hot summer day?

The answers to the above questions we may never be able to find out for sure.

However, there is one answer that has been revealed to us via science about who the smartest sibling is and we're inclined to believe it.


According to research conducted by the University of Edinburgh, the oldest sibling is generally the smartest of the bunch due to the "mental edge" they have over their brothers and sisters.

The study compiled data from over 5,000 children, asking them to complete IQ tests every couple of years.

The results showed that the eldest siblings performed better.

Researchers think this is because older children get more stimulation from their parents and tend to be encouraged to do better in school.


The study considered data from children up until the age of 14.