Parents in Dublin advised to be vigilant following an attempted kidnapping 6 years ago

Parents in Dublin advised to be vigilant following an attempted kidnapping

Very scary.

A woman in Dublin has shared a post online encouraging parents and guardians in Dublin to be extra vigilant when out and about with their kids following an attempted kidnapping in Dun Laoghaire last weekend.


In the Facebook post, Sheena McGinley said:

"ATTENTION PARENTS / GUARDIANS - please share, especially if you live in Dun Laoghaire / Sandycove area. A friend's 3-year-old daughter was approached during the kite / balloon festival held in Sandycove last Saturday by a woman and a man.

"Her granddad, who was looking after her at the time, was flying a kite with her and lost sight of her for less than a minute. About 20ft away he saw a couple speaking to his granddaughter. She then took the woman's hand and they started walking away from the event towards a car. 

"Granddad, in a state of shock, ran over and took the girl away and nobody exchanged words. Speaking to the girl, she said the lady gave her a sweet and asked if she'd "like to go to a party in a hot air balloon".

"While the Guards have been notified, my friend - who's not on facebook and unable to do this herself - is eager for parents and grandparents looking after young children to "be more vigilant than usual.

"The woman is in her late 20s and was wearing a dark anorak. The man was in his 30's and wearing a wine coloured jacket. Both average build.

"Please share if you can. I obviously know this little girl, she's an absolute sweetheart and good friends with Lara, so this is really f*cking close to home."

See her post here: