Survey says parents favour the youngest child but grandparents prefer the eldest 4 years ago

Survey says parents favour the youngest child but grandparents prefer the eldest

Eldest children don't despair you haven't been forgotten about.

Several studies over the last few years have concluded that parents have admitted to having a favourite child, and for many it's the youngest.


As the eldest child in my family I have to admit I was a bit 'ah here' but apparently it's all good because nanny and grand-dad like me better and there's stats to back it up.


According to a survey carried out by parenting forum Mumsnet almost a quarter of parents confessed that they have a favourite child (even though 55 per cent also said that it was awful.)


Out of the parents who said that they were more partial to one child in particular a whopping 56 per cent said that it was their youngest child with the most common reason behind it being that the smallest in the brood reminded them of themselves.

For any eldest children feeling a bit left out in the cold don't worry because out of the grandparents surveyed 42 per cent admitted that they too had a favourite amongst their grandchildren but their opinion was very different.

39 per cent of grandparents surveyed said that it was in fact the eldest that they preferred saying that they reminded them of their own son or daughter when they were younger.


introducing new sibling

Odd that both parents and grandparents went for children with a similarity to the parent in question but ended up preferring different children but there you go.

If you're the middle child and wondering where do you place, well there were no clear results in this survey but other studies have found that you're the rock of the family.

Do you think these results are accurate or are your everybody's favourite?


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